Mcdonalds 1992 basketball cards

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1992 MCDONALDS NBA Hoops 62 Card Set USA Basketball Dream Team Michael Jordan 5. 00. 1992 McDonald's NBA Hoops 62 Card Set Which Includes The USA Basketball Dream Team With Michael Jordan. This is a limited edition Superstar Set. There are a total of 3 Michael Jordan in the set. It also has the top 4 NBA Draft picks in the set. mcdonalds 1992 basketball cards EXNM. EX. VG. GOOD. 1992 Upper Deck McDonalds# P1 Dominique Wilkins. 0. 34. 0. 49. 1992 Upper Deck McDonalds# P2 Reggie Lewis.

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A 1992 Fleer Team Leaders Chris Sabo baseball card nuber 3 has a book value of about 1. 50 in nearmint mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important. Related: shaquille o'neal rookie card mcdonalds basketball cards set mcdonalds baseball cards. Include description. Categories. Selected category All. Sports Memorabilia, Fan Shop& Sports Cards. Upper Deck McDonald's Basketball Card# P45 Christian Laettner See more like this. mcdonalds 1992 basketball cards

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