Basketball player breaks femur

2019-09-18 01:41 Four professional athletes sustained isolated femur fractures during regularseason games. Two athletes played hockey, 1 played football, and 1 played baseball. Three players were treated with anterograde intramedullary nails, and 1 was treated with retrograde nailing. All players missed the remainder of the season.

A basketball player lands hard on one leg, he complains of pain in his hip and an xray reveals that the head of his femur has been driven into his pelvic bone. Impacted Fracture The patient falls, her radius is protruding through her skin and is broken in 2 pieces with rough, toothed ends. basketball player breaks femur BOSTON Boston Bruins forward Chris Kelly is expected to miss 68 months after fracturing his left femur in the first period of a 53 loss to the Dallas Stars at TD Garden on Tuesday.

University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffered a brutal injury during a game last night against Duke, leading some people to speculate that it was one of the most gruesome injuries basketball player breaks femur

Lowerleg fractures. Seconds later, the Cincinnati forward lay crumpled on the floor, his right fibula broken, his season over and the Bearcats' NCAA Tournament hopes seriously jeopardized. Broken lower legs in sport occur most often as a result of an athlete's leg being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kevin Douglas Ware Jr. (born January 3, 1993) is an American professional basketball player. He is a former player for the University of Louisville. Ware received widespread media attention when he suffered an open fracture of the tibia in his right leg during an Elite Eight game against the Duke Blue Devils on March 31, 2013. Jan 26, 2017  Akil Mitchell was playing for his club New Zealand Breakers against the Cairns Taipans in the National Basketball League when his courttime was ended in the most horrific fashion. As he went up to challenge for the ball, Taipans Nnanna Egwu accidentally caught Mitchell in the eye. basketball player breaks femur Aug 02, 2014 Paul George Leg Injury Nasty USA Basketball Showcase August 1 2014 FIBA World Championship 2014 Spain Blue vs White Broke Leg Broken Paul George breaks his leg Team USA Blue vs White Apr 01, 2013 Kevin Ware's Broken Leg Possibly Caused by Undetected Stress Fractures. Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware's horrific leg fracture was a freak accident that may have been exacerbated by previously undetected stress fractures. Louisvilles Kevin Ware and Indiana Pacers forward Paul George both suffered tibia fractures playing basketball. Both underwent surgery and returned to play. Arguably the most famous tibia fracture occurred with the injury of Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, who never returned to Apr 14, 2015  NBA player blames NYPD for breaking leg night of stabbing The players union is concerned about the circumstances of Thabo Sefolosha and Pero Antics arrest, National Basketball Players

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