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2019-09-18 18:45 Sep 14, 2015  Step 2: Sawing the Basketball Pole in Half. Once youve taken apart the upper fixtures of the basketball pole, its time to cut the pole in half. Switch on the metal cutting power saw and cut the pole in the middle. Make sure your helper is holding the upper portion of the pole so it does not fall down on you as you make the cut.

By Joshua Smyth. Steel poles are a common sight as flagpoles, railings and fences or supporting scaffolding or basketball nets. To fit and install any of these things, it may be necessary to cut a steel pole down to size. Since steel poles are typically hollow, cutting them is less work than it might appear from the thickness of the pole itself. cutting basketball pole Another option is to cut it off a foot or so off the ground and then hit the pipe with a sledge to knock it though and break free of the concrete. If you have a bobcat or an good ole truck you can pull it over by attaching a rope or chain to the top of the pole and pulling it over.

Apr 16, 2010  Cascadeit's the size of the pole that holds up the basketball backboard, so about 4 inches. And the satellite dish was one of those monstrosities that were so popular in the 80's. We have someone coming out with some sort of machine to dig a trench and run some electricity to cutting basketball pole

We cut the back and sides and let the pole rock forward a little. In order to cut the pole in half without using any scaffolding or lifting device, we would leave the front cut until after we had welded the bracket and sideplates on and inserted the allthread rod as shown further down. The next picture shows the back and sides completely cut. that is still tightly buried), using a Dremel or other hand grinder to. cut through the pole (don't think so, given how even a killer saw. couldn't handle it), or renting a backhoe (too expensive, and too much. like killing a fly with an elephant gun). Using the power saw, cut the metal pole in half to decrease the weight of the portion stuck in the ground. After this is complete, cut the pole as close to the ground as you can so that very little is sticking out of the ground. Be extremely careful using a power saw and be sure to take all safety precautions. Step 3 cutting basketball pole May 30, 2007 Best Answer: Cut it off with a reciprocating saw or a small angle grinder. Cut it about 46 inches below ground level. Cut it about 46 inches below ground level. Make sure you have someone to hold the pole while you are cutting it off.

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