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2019-08-25 01:08 These drills came from the Arizona Basketball Coaching Newsletter. If you are interested in downloading the newsletter, here is a link to do so: Arizona March Newsletter Manager 1 on 1: 2 Managerscoaches (or chairs) stand 35 feet out from the baseline with one about 7 feet away from the sideline and the other 8 [

1on1 Drill Use both ends of the court and make four lines, one under each basket with the players facing the free throw line, and one at each free throw line with players facing the basket. The defensive players are under the basket; the offensive players are at the free throw line. 1 on 1 basketball coaching drills Jun 17, 2015 Iona 1 on 1. Coach throws ahead to 1. As 1 crosses half, 2 sprints out of the circle to defend him. Whoever wins the possession (offense scores, is fouled or gets O rebound; defense gets a defensive rebound), keeps going the other way. Louisville 1 on 1. Coach on each wing with a basketball. Offensive player (1) can loop to catch at either slot.

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These drills are a complete waste of time if you want to improve at 5on5 basketball. Instead, you should use the competitive 1on1 drills below. These drills will improve your skills that translate to better 5on5 play. You can do these 1on1 drills at different increments through the workout. You can also save them for a little fun at the 2on1 Drill This offensive drill helps players read the defense in a 2 on 1 situation, and helps them to learn when to take it to the hoop or pass off to their teammate. Setup: Make two lines, one with perimeter players out at half court on the left sideline. The other line is made up of your post players, and is opposite along the right baseline. Basketball 1 on 1 Continuous 1 v 1 Split into 2 lines and have a line on either side of the court. One player in the middle with a basketball. The player in the middle will pass to the 1st player in one of the lines. After the pass is made that player will go and defender the receiver of the pass. They will play 1v1. 1 on 1 basketball coaching drills Jul 09, 2016 Challenges In Using OneonOne Drills. The Closeout Dilemma: One of the biggest challenges in oneonone drills is to create realistic closeout situations. Too many 1on1 drills make the decision for the offense too easy. The offense catches the ball with too much space and all that is simulated is bad defense.

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